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The Ultimate Luxury

Work directly with Alex to design your perfect piece. Bespoke are custom pieces created just for you - whether it’s something specific that you won’t find elsewhere, or giving new life to heirloom pieces, or those from past relationships.

The immersive process allows you to have as much input as you want, every step of the way. The end result is a forever piece of unparalleled quality, imbued with meaning, and is uniquely yours.

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The Cilla Ring

The journey of a Bespoke piece usually begins long before I come into the picture.
This piece? One of the longest stories I’ve continued.

The diamond is an heirloom carried through this family for close to a century.

The journey continues now as it’s found it’s new home; a wise, bold and contemporary piece to carry it through to the next generation.

Andy & Kasia

This is Andy and Kasia in LA - The moment he asked, she said YES.

Two soulmates and a statement ring which will stand the test of time.

Andy and Alex worked together to design the ring, which matches to match an heirloom given from Andy's Mum to his Dad which Andy now wears. We recreated it Kasia style with 3 tall diamond baguettes – It was damn tough to let this one out of the studio!

Amanda & Chris

Amanda and Chris are both professional speakers – but underneath the public success are 2 people meant to be together – the deepest love, respect and happiness flows between them.

The brief for this ring was simple but powerful.

Alex sourced a stunner of a centre stone – an 1.2 Carat Emerald Cut, F Colour – and then chose 2 curved Trilliants to sit either side.

And the meaning of this design? Amanda has another special guy in her life.

He’s not a professional speaker, no, he’s 5. His name is Ollie and he’s her son. So the centre stone is her – clear, bright and high impact, flanked by her 2 loving men.

Alex & Jeremy

Alex created this ring for her husband’s 40th - citing this as the most difficult project she’d worked on!

She created it as a legacy to him, and their relationship, imbuing many layers of meaning into it. Alex designed a crest for their family which embodies both their histories, and engraved the inside with their initials flanked by a hedgehog and bird (the story of these two goes way back!).

And – the design is asymmetrical, with the filigree falling further down one side of the ring than the other. Whilst a small detail, it drives the uniqueness even further.