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Alex began creating jewellery through a desire to create wearable art – designs which are rebellious but elegant. Amidst a career in Brand Marketing and innovation, Alex trained as a jeweller from an array of teachers – including sculpture artists, an archaeologist and master jewellers. This unique background inspired her radical yet timeless design and a bold approach to business which has resonated with a global audience.

The brand’s first iteration commenced in 2019 as Alex Tempany Jewelry. In 2024, the business reemerged as TEMPANY.

“We reject the notion that elegance must be subdued, understated and conform to traditional standards.”
- Alex Tempany

There is a deep longing for institutions that exude maturity and confidence. Tempany wishes to be a wearable signal of someone who has ‘arrived’. No longer searching for who they are but consciously and confidently stepping into any space.

“We have seen wild success over the past 5 years, having grown a fiercely loyal following, being featured in Vogue, Melbourne Fashion Week, Russh, Conde Nast Traveller and Cocktail Revolution. After 5 years it’s time for a new chapter and i’m proud to relaunch the brand as TEMPANY.”
- Alex Tempany

Tempany is a sophisticated brand that rebelliously disrupts the market through raw, dominant jewellery that commands attention with its bold yet timeless designs.