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Article: Coin Jewelry: The explanation behind our obsession!

Coin Jewelry: The explanation behind our obsession!

Coin Jewelry: The explanation behind our obsession!

If you read my last article then you’ll know that every piece of our jewelry is hand-crafted to tell a story.  Coin jewelry has been a signature part of our range since it’s inception, and I'm excited to share more about this with you.

Coin Necklace on model
Picture: @teganlouisephotography
Piece: She Who Wanders in Silver

Why do we love it!?

Coin jewelry (otherwise referred to as coined jewelry), is a special way to capture the moments that matter to people in a wearable form. Every coin has had a journey – it’s travelled, said that many hellos and goodbyes and bought people joy.

Every piece we create is unique, just like any piece of art – it plays on the idea that everyone sees beauty differently, and that meaning is crafted from your experiences. Now, of course, we’re never going to know exactly what each coins' journey was, but we like to think of it as being synonymous with your journey. The coins are well travelled, have been on many adventures, and have a hint of the unknown. 

Coins To Keep Travel Memories Fresh

I first started creating coin jewelry after a trip to Thailand. It was my first taste of overseas travel at the age of 20, and I came home with fond memories and a collection of both current and vintage coins. With my passion for jewelry, I then started to transform the coins into pieces of jewelry - it was a way for me to keep these memories close. 

I then began crafting pieces for friends and family and 18 years on, I've collected 100's of coins upon my travels, and have made multiple custom pieces from keyrings to pendants. The images below are of some of our favourites, and the collection can be viewed here. 

What if you’ve already got coins from your own travel or have a country in mind that you’d like a piece from? Please reach out, as we do offer a made-to-order option for this collection and would love to help you transform your coins into a piece you can treasure.

Alex wearing the Penny Coin Pendant Necklace
Piece: The Penny Necklace
Picture: @teganlouisephotography

Iconic Australian, Year Specific Pieces

If you prefer pieces that originate from closer to home, then our Penny Coin Necklace is a great way to capture a slice of meaningful Australian history. Inspired by the Australian fighting spirit, it only seemed fitting that every purchase of this piece results in a $50 contribution to the bush fire appeal through The CFA.

What we love about this option is that you can pick a year that’s special to you, a close friend or family member. If you’ve got a penny in your chosen year, we can work with it. Alternatively, we’ll do our best to source a penny for the year that matters to you.

The Penny Coin Necklace makes a fantastic gift and has become a family heirloom for many of our customers. Set in sterling silver and handmade in Melbourne, it's a versatile piece which can be dressed up or down, and put on different chains.

Our Favourite Pieces

Here are a couple of our personal favourite handcrafted coin pieces. Both pieces are fantastic at capturing your own adventures through coins. They've also got the added bonus of the flexibility to supply your own coins.

She Who Wanders Necklace

Product shot of the She Who Wanders necklace

For those who want to make a statement, She Who Wanders features seven coins on a bold design. If you opt for the AT team to supply the coins, you'll end up with a mix of seven carefully selected coins, either bronze, silver, and gold, or straight silver coins which are sourced from around the world.

You can shop the piece here.

Venture Necklace

Product shot of the Venture necklace

Featuring two coins set in sterling silver, this necklace really is like no other. Set on a long silver ball chain, the coin pendants can be removed to be worn on your other favourite chains.

The necklace is available here.

How to Style Coin Jewelry

If you’re a lover of the minimalist look, one of our favourite ways to style a bold coin necklace is to pair it with a simple top.

Coin necklace on black top
Picture: @teganlouisephotography
Piece: Custom Venture Necklace with vintage Dutch Sri Lankan coin

Depending on the season, we like to mix up the colour, but keep the neckline simple to allow the coins to take centre stage. It’s a look we love to pair with some classic skinny jeans and a plain top.

Another look we’re loving is The Venture Necklace, layered with simpler pieces. Our coin necklaces are versatile when it comes to layering. Each necklace either comes with an adjustable chain, or the coins can be removed and placed on any chain you like. One of our favourite combos is wearing the Horizon necklace with a coin piece.

coin necklace paired with hoop earrings
navy blue top with coin necklace

Piece: She Who Wanders necklace in Silver, The EP Hoops and Zahara Ring in sterling silver & 9ct gold

A classic pair of hoops can complement any outfit, and one featuring a coin necklace is no different. Try pairing our She Who Wanders statement coin necklace with a pair of the EP Hoops or Warren Hoops (which come in gold and sterling silver!)

Have you worn coin jewelry before? We'd love to know which coin piece is your favourite in the comments below!

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